Formulated Especially for Handcrafted Soap
and Toiletry Makers!



Peacock Dyes will give you a rainbow or colors.

Strong consistent colors
Same colors in both High pH and Low pH*
More time making soap, less time blending colors

Peacock Dyes were created especially for the handcrafted soap and toiletry maker.  They're designed and formulated by a master soap maker with more than a decade of experience.  As always, they come ready to use in convenient dropper bottles.  You too can create beautifully colored products with ease.  Peacock Dyes bring consistent, affordable and vibrant color to both your high pH and low pH products.  Once you use them you won't want to use anything else.

Basically there is no limit to the number of different colors you can  make with Peacock Dyes.   The  pre-blended colors provide you with all their infinite hues from pastel to dark.   So, there's really no need to be spending time blending.  Plus, there are no extra booklets and color blending charts to keep up with. 

*The majority of the dyes will give you the similar colors in high Ph and low ph.  If a dye will give you a different color in high pH or low pH mediums, its stated right on the label.  They work great in salts and lotions.  However, they do not work in candles, lip balms or other oil based products.

They're simple and straight forward.  It couldn’t be much easier.  There are no documents to purchase or print, and no files will be forwarded to you. 

The dyes come in dropper bottles, are really easy to use, and are super concentrated so a little goes a long way.  It only takes a few drops (not ˝ ounces or ounces per pound) to color a pound of soap.  You get really beautiful colors straight from the bottle without having to blend. 

1/8th teaspoon of dyes 5 pounds of Cold Processed Soap a beautiful pastel hue! 

A ˝ oz. bottle of  dye will color approximately 15 pounds of CP soap a medium shade of color,  approximately 25 pounds of clear M&P or liquid soap and more than 2.5 gallons of lotion or cream.

One tiny bottle is comparable to over 16 ounces of another popular soaps and toiletries dye.